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Augustus Oils

Augustus Oils Limited was formed in 1985 when a group of highly experienced professionals from the Essential Oils and Aromatic Chemical trade came together with one aim in mind - to be part of the exciting development of Essential Oils and Aroma Chemicals as modern raw materials, building on a traditional trade spanning many centuries. We supply to Flavour and Fragrance manufacturers and also to Pharmaceuticals, large Aromatherapy companies and various other industries including industrial cleaning.

A privately owned company, Augustus Oils Ltd has expanded steadily, opening into its first essential oil and fragrance chemical factory in 1986. The company moved to Bordon, Hampshire in 1994. Here facilities included substantial factory and storage areas, blending and processing plant together with extensive laboratories for research and development and quality assurance/control functions.

In October 2009 Augustus moved to a purpose built 3700sq/m unit in Alton, Hampshire, which has enabled the company to expand on all the above and allow production scale manufacture of Augustus speciality products.

Considerable investment has been made in an up-to-date information technology and data processing centre. This facilitates a high degree of efficiency and reliability when dealing with all aspects of company operations. The company maintains an extensive live database of essential oils and other products ensuring that staff have access to the latest information regarding the essential oil market and current safety and legislative requirements.

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